Melitta Kliege – »integral(e) Kunstprojekte«

Rekonstruktion einer Ausstellung zur Projektkunst im öffentlichen Raum

In art around 1990, an entire series of work forms indicates the existence of a broad spectrum of strategic shifts into other professional roles that are taken up on a fictional level by artists. This is accompanied by a fictionalization of the artistic work. Emerging into view was an artistic procedure in which the compositional characteristics of the particular work served to define the specific sphere of activity within social structures and thereby to delineate the context, site, and circle of addressees for the presentation of the respective work. In 1993 in the exhibition integral(e) Kunstprojekte, it was possible to summarize various artistic positions which, on the basis of their approach, were realized in an ephemeral manner at different institutional sites in the urban space of Berlin.

In a research seminar at the Institute for Art History at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, a team of students reconstructed the artistic works that were realized in Berlin in 1993, thereby making it possible to present the documentary conclusions in a publication.

Texts by Yingyi Han, Melitta Kliege, Lee Krutsch, Hannah Röthlingshöfer, Lena Schmid, Lisa Stopper, Aleksandra Voropaeva.