Gabriele Götz — ambulant design

Graphic designer Gabriele Götz runs studio ambulant design in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The main focus of her work lies in the cultural sector, where she works for international publishers, museums, artists, galleries, writers and art historians. Gabriele Götz is professor for Visual Communication and Editorial Design at Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany).

editorial design / grahic design / visual communication / publisher / visual identity / museum / exhibition / books / print / posters / catalogs / catalogues / art / artist’s book

studio ambulant design – Jacob van Lennepkade 293, 1054 ZV Amsterdam (The Netherlands) / art academy (Kunsthochschule) Kassel (Germany)

Rory Pilgrim: Can We Leave Things as They Are (spread), Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam / © Gabriele Götz
Kiki Lamers: Tender Age / © Gabriele Götz
Annet Gelink Gallery: New Years Card 2015/16 (Kerstkaart) / © Gabriele Götz
Holger Bunk (Stuttgart/Amsterdam), Helgi Thorgils Fridjonsson (Reykjavik), Lars Ravn (Copenhagen), catalog for group-exhibition, ASÍ Art Museum in Reykjavik (spread) / © Gabriele Götz
Marisca Voskamp: Ademtocht (spread) / © Gabriele Götz
Museum im Busch (front cover) / © Gabriele Götz
David Goldblatt: intersections intersected (invitation card) / © Gabriele Götz
Birthday card 'Henry Luc August' / © Gabriele Götz
Corporate Identity for 'GoedeRaad voor ontwikkeling van commerciële organisaties' (portfolio folder) / © Gabriele Götz
And/Or: On Contradiction in the Work of Jan van Toorn (typography) / © Gabriele Götz
Annet Gelink Gallery: New Years Card 2014/15 (Kerstkaart) / © Gabriele Götz
Paul Andriesse: IPSAMAS / © Gabriele Götz
Fiona Tan: 'Depot', exhibition catalog - Limited Edition (Boxed set of 20 pigment prints on archival parchment & artist‘s book) / © Gabriele Götz
Antonietta Peeters: swamp / © Gabriele Götz
Fiona Tan: 'Inventory', exhibition catalog (spread) / © Gabriele Götz
Galerie Paul Andriesse: N. Kensmil & R. Pilgrim (magazine ad) / © Gabriele Götz
Paul Andriesse: 'Compared to What', photobook (title page) / © Gabriele Götz
Ann Lislegaard: Science Fiction (spread) / © Gabriele Götz
Marlene Dumas: 'Sweet Nothings. Notes and Texts' (front cover) / © Gabriele Götz
Paul Andriesse: Art Gallery Exhibiting / © Gabriele Götz
Natasja Kensmil: Hell’s Angels (cover) / © Gabriele Götz
Gabriele Götz – exhibition »ambulant design – publizieren als künstlerische praxis« | Kunsttempel Kassel 2018  / © Gabriele Götz
special issue stamp (commemorative stamp) »Loeffler-Institut« for 'Deutsche Post' / © Gabriele Götz
Keith Edmier: Frank Veteran 1980 (spread) / © Gabriele Götz