Fiona Tan: Disorient

With texts by Saskia Bos, Thomas Elsaesser, Doris von Drathen, Dominic van den Boogerd and Bruce Grenville.

Words by the publisher:

For the Dutch pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, Fiona Tan has developed the project “Disorient”, which consists of three different works: Disorient, Rise and Fall, Provenance. Her audio-visual installation refers to Venice’s pivotal position in the history of geostrategy in the time before the discovery of new routes to Asia diluted the city’s power. Her project attempts to bridge the centuries by creating connections with both contemporary day-to-day reality and with the symbolic past that every visitor to Venice wants to grasp. The elaborately designed book (Design: Gabriele Götz) also presents other recent works by Tan.