Annet Gelink Gallery, Gallery for contemporary art, Amsterdam,
Corporate Identity, 2000-2004

Marlene Dumas, Visual Artist, Amsterdam,
3 Books, letterhead, folder, 1999-2004
Gallery Paul Andriesse, Gallery for contemporary art, Amsterdam
Reader, letterhead, folder, booklets, 1996-2004
Jan van Toorn, Graphic designer
Book, 64 pages, 2004
Kiki Lamers, Painter
Book, 128 pages, Artimo, 2002
Lidwien van de Ven, Video-photo artist
Book, 152 pages, 2003
Fiona Tan, Visual artist
Book, 2000
Witte de With, Gallery for contemporary art, Rotterdam
Corporate Identity, invitations, posters, books 2001-2004

Holger Bunk, Visual artist
2 Books, 2002-2003

Other Works
Paul Andriesse, Antonietta Peeters, Douglas Hyde, John Gossages, Rainier Olderdorf, Rob Johannesma

GG calls her visual editorship the dramaturgy of the book . . . .
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Identity and public space . . .
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